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MobileMe Mail The best email on the web.
Now your email finds you anywhere, so youfll never miss an important message.

Get instant notifications.
MobileMe Mail delivers new messages to your iPhone or iPod touch in seconds and notifies you when they arrive. Youfll know in a glance if you have new email, so you donft have to spend time checking.

Your email meets its match.
MobileMe Mail stays the same wherever you go thanks to IMAP technology. Whether you check your email on your computer, iPhone, iPod touch, or the web, read messages are marked as read, flagged messages are flagged, and all your folders are exactly the way you left them.

The best email on the web.
You can access MobileMe Mail from anywhere at With a beautiful, clean design and an intuitive interface, you might forget itfs all on the web. View your messages and mailboxes in one window and simply drag and drop to organize them. With convenient message previews and Quick Reply, email on the web is easier than ever. Best of all, youfll never see an ad.

Safe. Secure. And no spam.
MobileMe automatically scans incoming and outgoing messages for viruses. Images are not loaded unless you allow it. With great spam filtering, your inbox will be junk mail free.
With MobileMe Mail, you can create an email address thatfs personal and easy to remember. Maybe itfs or maybe itfs something clever. Whatever you think up, it will be your best email address yet.

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